Final Palmdale Water Reclamation Plant 2025 Facilities Plan & EIR (September 2005)

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Table of Contents (53 Kb)
List of Tables (25 Kb)
List of Appendices (12 Kb)
Foreword (25 Kb)
Executive Summary (255 Kb)


Chapter 1: Introduction (57 Kb)
Chapter 2: Planning Area Characteristics (98 Kb)
Chapter 3: Laws and Regulations (147 Kb)
Chapter 4: Existing Facilities Description (51 Kb)
Chapter 5: Water, Wastewater and Projections (126 Kb)
Chapter 6: Project Alternatives Analysis (179 Kb)
Chapter 7: Recommended Project Summary (149 Kb)


Chapter 8: EIR Purpose and Scope
Chapter 9: Land Use/Agriculture Resources
Chapter 10: Aesthetics
Chapter 11: Cultural Resources
Chapter 12: Biological Resources
Chapter 13: Transportation
Chapter 14: Hydrology and Water Quality
Chapter 15: Geologic Hazards and Soils/Mineral Resources
Chapter 16: Air Quality and Odor
Chapter 17: Noise
Chapter 18: Public Services and Utilities
Chapter 19: Recreational Facilities
Chapter 20: Population and Housing/Secondary Effects of Growth
Chapter 21: Hazardous Materials
Chapter 22: Public Health
Chapter 23: Cumulative Impacts and Project Alternatives


Chapter 24: Public Outreach Overview
Chapter 25: General Responses to Comments
Chapter 26: Written Comments and Responses
Chapter 27: Public Hearing Comments and Responses


Appendix A: State Water Resources Control Board Requirements for Project Reports
Appendix B: Waste Discharge Requirements for the Palmdale Water Reclamation Plant
Appendix C: Cleanup and Abatement Order
Appendix D: Cease and Desist Order
Appendix E: Analysis of Developing and Implementing a Groundwater Recharge Reuse Project in the Antelope Valley
Appendix F: Palmdale Water Reclamation Plant Annual Moitoring Report for 2004
Appendix G: Monitoring and Reporting Program
Appendix H: Master Service Charge Ordinance for District No. 20
Appendix I: Master Connection Fee Ordinance for District No. 20
Appendix J: Service Charge Rate Ordinance for District No. 20
Appendix K: Connection Fee Rate Ordinance for District No. 20
Appendix L: Notice of Preparation
Appendix M: Notice of Preparation Comment Letters
Appendix N: Biology Summary Report
Appendix O: Soils Suitability Assessment
Appendix P: Air Emissions Calculations
Appendix Q: Title 22 Summary
Appendix R: EPA Guidelines for Water Reuse Summary Tables
Appendix S: Cumulative Projects List for City of Palmdale and Unincorporated Areas of Los Angeles County in the Antelope Valley

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