Final Environmental Impact Report for Lancaster Water Reclamation Plant 2020 Facilities Plan (May 2004)

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Table of Contents (101 Kb)
Executive Summary (1.2 Mb)
Chapter 1: Introduction (198 Kb)
Chapter 2: Existing Facilities (1.6 Mb)
Chapter 3: Project Description (4.5 Mb)
Chapter 4: Environmental Setting, Impacts, and Mitigation
4.1 Land Use and Recreation
4.2 Geology and Soils
4.3 Hydrology and Water Quality
4.4 Biological Resources
4.5 Traffic and Circulation
4.6 Noise
4.7 Aesthetics
4.8 Air Quality
4.9 Public Services and Utilities
4.10 Chemicals, Hazardous Materials, and Energy
4.11 Public Health
4.12 Cultural Resources
4.13 Population, Employment, and Housing Growth Inducement, and Environmental Justice
4.14 Cumulative Impacts
Chapter 5: Alternatives to the Recommended Project (561 Kb)
Chapter 6: EIR Authors and Consultants (16 Kb)
Chapter 7: List of Acronyms (24 Kb)
Chapter 8: References (48 Kb)


Table of Contents (179 Kb)
Chapter 1: Response to Comments on Draft EIR
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Recommended Project
1.3 Environmental Review Process
1.4 Master Responses
1.5 Responses to Comments from Agencies and Organizations
1.6 Responses to Comments from Individuals
1.7 Responses to Leisure Lake Comments
1.8 Responses to Public Hearing Comments (October 29, 2003)
1.9 Responses to Community Meeting Comments (November 20, 2003)
Chapter 2: Revisions to Impacts and Mitigation Measures of the Draft EIR
Chapter 3: List of Acronyms


Appendix A: Notice of Preparation (82 Kb)
Appendix B: Comments Received on Notice of Preparation(74 Kb)
Appendix C: Environmental Review Process Guidelines for State Revolving Fun Loan Applicants (516 Kb)
Appendix D: MOU and MOA (205 Kb)
Appendix E: Waste Discharge Requirements and Water Reclamation Requirements (933 Kb)
Appendix F: Soil Summaries
Appendix G: Title 22 Summary
Appendix H: EPA Guidelines for Water Reuse Summary
Appendix I: Rare Plant Survey Report
Appendix J: Reports of Focused Biological Assessments and Literature Surveys for the Mohave Ground Squirrel and Desert Tortoise
Appendix K: Biology Species Summaries
Appendix L: Air Emissions Calculation Sheets
Appendix M: Nebeker Ranch Soil Assessment Report
Appendix N: Cultural Correspondence
Appendix O: Cumulative Projects List for City of Lancaster and Unincorporated Areas of Los Angeles County Antelope Valley
Appendix P: See page Study for Proposed Storage Reservoirs prepared by Cascade Earth Sciences