Final Joint Outfall System 2010 Master Facilities Plan (June 1995)

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Table of Contents (131 Kb)
List of Appendices (22 Kb)
List of Tables (162 Kb)
List of Abbreviations (87 Kb)
Executive Summary (378 Kb)
Chapter 1: Introduction (383 Kb)
Chapter 2: Existing and Projected Planning Area Characteristics (2.2 Mb)
Chapter 3: Waste Discharge Requirements, Laws and Regulations (1.2 Mb)
Chapter 4: Description of Existing Facilities (369 Kb)
Chapter 5: Existing and Projected Water and Wastewater Characteristics (1.6 Mb)
Chapter 6: Analysis of Project Alternatives (3.3 Mb)
Chapter 7: Summary of Recommended Project (372 Kb)
Chapter 8: Public Participation and Written Comments (58 Kb)

Appendix A-0: State Water Resources Control Board Requirements for Project Reports
Appendix A-1.2: JOS Districts and Treatment Facilities Which Provide Service to Local Jurisdictions
Appendix A-5.2-1: 1990 and 2010 RCP Population and Employment Analysis by Census Tracts
Appendix A-5.2-2: Flow and Capacity Data
Appendix A-5.5-1: Chronology of JOS Reuse Activities
Appendix A-5.5-2: JOS Wastewater Flow Summaries
Appendix A-6.7: Predicting Maximum and Minimum Flows Based on 2010 Flow Projections
Appendix A-6.12-1: Concentrations of Metals in JOS Biosolids and Standards for Reuse of Biosolids
Appendix A-6.12-2: Biosolids Management Options, Potential Impacts and Responsible Regulatory Agencies
Appendix A-8.2: Comment Letters and Responses

List of Joint Outfall Districts Boards of Directors
List of Contributors