San Jose Creek Water Reclamation Plant

The San Jose Water Reclamation Plant (WRP) is located at 1965 Workman Mill Road, in unincorporated Los Angeles County, next to the City of Whittier. The plant occupies 39 acres north of the Pomona (60) Freeway on both sides of the San Gabriel (605) Freeway and began operation in June 1971.


The San Jose Creek WRP provides primary, secondary and tertiary treatment for 100 million gallons of wastewater per day (see flow diagram below). The plant serves a large residential population of approximately one million people. Approximately 42 million gallons per day of the reclaimed water is reused at over 130 different reuse sites. These include groundwater recharge and irrigation of parks, schools, and greenbelts. The remainder is discharged to the San Gabriel River. Click on the diagram to read about the wastewater treatment and water reclamation process.