To protect public health and the environment through innovative and cost effective wastewater and solid waste management, and in doing so convert waste into resources such as recycled water, energy, and recycled materials.

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Wastewater service charge rates for the current fiscal year have been adopted. The wastewater service charge on your tax bill is based on property type and the number of units for your category type. For residential properties, the charge unit basis is the number of dwelling units (DUs). For commercial properties, the charge unit basis is typically square footage, although other units are used in limited cases (e.g., rooms in hotels). Your charge is calculated by multiplying your sewage unit by your District’s rate for your user category. (Click here to review your District’s rates.) By entering your Assessor’s ID number above, you’ll be able to get specific information on your parcel. If you have any questions regarding the information on this page, please contact us toll-free at (855) 240-9506 or email us at
I want to look up my parcel number
You will be directed to the Assessor’s website to look up your Assessor’s ID (parcel) number. Once you have your Assessor’s ID number, come back to enter in your number.

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