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Statement on Superior Court Ruling on SCVSD Chloride Compliance EIR

Statement Regarding Superior Court Ruling on the Santa Clarita Valley Sanitation District (SCVSD)
Chloride Compliance Environmental Impact Report (EIR) 
(Updated based on June 2, 2016, Court Ruling Regarding the March 23, 2016, SCVSD Board Actions)

In March 2016, the SCVSD Board took action to address a February 23, 2016, court ruling that two aspects of the SCVSD’s 2013 EIR did not fully comply with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).  As directed by the court, the 2013 EIR was decertified.  The 2013 EIR was then reconsidered and certified along with a Supplemental EIR for Brine Concentration and Limited Trucking that changed the method of brine management from deep well injection to limited trucking of brine.  This second action addressed the court’s finding that the 2013 EIR was not complete without an approved brine disposal method. 

The court also found that more study was needed on potential impacts to an endangered fish (unarmored threespine stickleback).  These potential impacts were associated with a proposed one-third reduction in the discharge of treated wastewater to the river in support of recycled water reuse. 
Rather than delay chloride compliance while the court-mandated stickleback study is completed, the SCVSD sought to legally separate these efforts and pursue them on different timetables.  On June 2, the court ruled that these actions did not meet CEQA requirements, and the court also stated that aside from environmental review, SCVSD cannot continue any actions that would further the implementation of either the recycled water or the chloride compliance elements of the project until the court is satisfied that the SCVSD has fully complied with CEQA. 

The SCVSD analyzed the best option available to comply with the court’s ruling and determined issuance of a Recirculated EIR was the best option.  The SCVSD is committed to complying with CEQA while doing its best to meet the State-mandated chloride compliance requirements.