Dry Cleaners

The Sanitation Districts' Wastewater Ordinance prohibits the discharge of wastewater containing excessive amounts of toxic organics to the Sanitation Districts' sewerage system. It has been determined that separator wastewater from dry cleaners contains excessive amounts of perchloroethylene that may negatively impact Sanitation Districts' facilities. Therefore, all dry cleaners served by the Sanitation Districts, that dry clean garments on-site, are required to certify that they do not discharge separator water directly or indirectly to the sewer (zero discharge) or are required to apply for and subsequently obtain an industrial wastewater discharge permit and abide by its requirements. The discharge of wastewater from boilers, vacuum tanks, sinks and rest rooms that is not contaminated by separator wastewater is allowed without having to obtain a permit. Compliance with these requirements will be confirmed by ongoing inspections of dry cleaning facilities by Sanitation Districts' Industrial Waste personnel.

Certification and Permit Requirements

Zero Discharge Forms