Industry Advisory Council

The Sanitation Districts have sponsored the Industry Advisory Council (IAC) since 1992 as a vehicle to engage, inform, and collaborate with industry for regulation, compliance, and outreach.  The IAC consists of industry representatives from companies holding industrial wastewater discharge permits to the sewer.  Industries on the IAC include petroleum refineries, oil and gas producers, metal finishing shops, carpet mills, healthcare facilities, and food processing companies.  The IAC provides an opportunity for industry and agencies to meet in a non-regulatory environment to communicate, share, and collaborate, with the goal for regulatory compliance, pollution prevention, and preparing industries for the future green economy.

Meetings of the Council are held three times a year in March, June, and November and are by invite only to members of industry who possess an industrial wastewater discharge permit from the Sanitation Districts, industry guests, and local regulators.  Council meetings cover a wide variety of topics including Council business, current issue briefings, critical examination and review of regulatory/policy issues, and program administration or stake holder relations.  Special guest speakers are invited to provide information on topics important to industry, the environment, or the Sanitation Districts.  In June of each year, tours are conducted to familiarize Council members with Sanitation Districts' facilities and Council member industries.

For more information on the Council, please contact Kristopher McGinnis at (562) 908-4288, extension 2903.

MEETING DATES AND RESOURCES (Agenda, Minutes, and Meeting Attachments)
 Mar 26, 2019
 Jun 11, 2019
 Nov 19, 2019