Industry Advisory Council

The Industry Advisory Council was formed in February 1992 to provide a forum for the Sanitation Districts and their regulated industries to address issues that are of concern to each group. The Council generally consists of 15 members from industry with alternates. The make-up of the Countil reflects the industrial base served by the Sanitation Districts. Large industries like petroleum refineries as well as smaller industries like metal finishers are represented. Council members include company presidents, plant managers, environmental affairs managers, and small business owners. The Council is chaired by an industry executive. The Council members themselves are active in their respective trade associations and serve as conduits to companies within their industries. A senior engineer from the Sanitation Districts is assigned to coordinate the activities of the Council.

The Council has brought about a productive dialogue between the Sanitation Districts and industry. Meetings of the Council are held every other month. The meetings are divided into three segments. The first segment is reserved for Council business, current issue briefings, Council theme discussions, and study tours. Special speakers are invited to provide the Council briefings, and study tours are conducted to familiarize Council members with Sanitation Districts' facilities and Council member industries. The second segment is devoted to a critical examination of a regulatory or policy issue. Regulatory issues recently reviewed include the federal industrial wastewater pretreatment program, the Regulatory Structure Update of the California Environmental Protection Agency Department of Toxic Substances Control, and state Superfund reform legislation. The third segment is devoted to the review of an issue on program administration or stake holder relations. Administrative issues recently discussed include new California State Water Resources Control Board enforcement priorities on sewage spills and stormwater discharges, and an industry survey on the practice and adoption of environmental management systems.

The Industry Advisory Council has fostered mutual understanding and cooperation between industry and the Sanitation Districts. Inquiries have been made by agencies in California and other states on the work of the Council. The Metropolitan Sanitary District of Louisville, Kentucky, set up a council in 1998 modeled after the Sanitation Districts' council. The Industry Advisory Council has proven to be an innovative forum for government and industry to communicate and cooperate in environmental regulation for the benefit of the environment. The Council is planning to reach out to other similar programs in Southern California for coordination and information sharing.

For more information on the Industrial Advisory Council, please contact Preeti Ghuman at (562) 908-4288, extension 2904.