Buildover Procedures

The Districts do not encourage the building of improvements over sewer easements, as such encroachments may result in limited access or damage to the underlying sewers.  A developer or property owner (applicant) desiring to construct an improvement over a District's sewer easement is required to obtain a "Buildover Agreement" (BOA) from the Districts.  The Districts consider “buildover” proposals on a case-by-case basis. In order for Districts' staff to evaluate a buildover proposal, the following information is required from the developer or property owner:

  1. Submit a Buildover Application and four (4) sets of the following :

  2. A vicinity map showing the general location of the proposed improvements in relation to the surrounding streets;

  3. A grading plan* and site plan showing the location of the sewer easement, sewer line, and manholes in relation to the proposed improvement.  Include information regarding the removal and replacement of unsuitable soil along with cut/fill depths;

  4. The calculated footing** and/or traffic loadings resulting from the project, project-related activity, and post-construction activity.  A list of construction equipment to be used at the site and a soils report for the project are also required; and

  5. A foundation plan and a footing detail** showing the elevations* and locations of the footings for the improvement(s).  Also include profile and/or cross section drawings showing the proposed improvement(s) in relation to the sewer line.

*** NOTE: Your request will not be processed unless the above specified information is provided. ***

This information is simultaneously forwarded to various departments within the Districts for review.  Their comments serve as the basis by which the Districts’ acceptability of a proposed buildover case is determined.

Subsequent to the Districts’ review of the proposed buildover request, the applicant will be advised in writing of the Districts’ decision.  The applicant is then required to submit six (6) sets of plans that incorporate corrections, as applicable.  The submitted plans must include the following note:  

No grading, soil removal, soil fill, or construction activity shall be performed within the Districts’ easement without on-site approval of the proposed activity by a Districts’ inspector.  Contractor shall contact the Wastewater Collection Systems Manager at (310) 638-1161, a minimum of two weeks prior to the start of construction to make the necessary arrangements.

Upon receipt of the final plans, the Districts will mail a BOA detailing the conditions under which the proposed improvement is acceptable to the Districts.  It shall be the responsibility of the fee owner of the property to sign the BOA (the signature must be notarized) and return it to the Districts.  The BOA is subsequently executed by the Districts’ Chief Engineer (or designee) and is submitted to the Los Angeles County Recorder’s Office for recordation.  After the recorded BOA is received from the Recorder’s Office, a copy of the document along with one set of final plans is returned to the applicant.

Under normal conditions, approximately six to eight weeks are required for Districts’ staff to properly evaluate a buildover proposal.  It is recommended that the Districts be contacted as early as possible during planning of the project.  If you have any further questions regarding Buildover Procedures and Requirements, please contact Mr. Ed Stewart at (562) 908-4288, extension 2766, or by e-mail at

*All elevations must be based on U.S.G.S. datum.
**All plans must be prepared by a registered Civil/Structural Engineer in the State of California.
***For proposed minor surface improvements, contact the Districts prior to submittal.  Some of the information requirements may be waived.