Puente Hills Liquefied Natural Gas Fueling Facility


Puente Hills MRF

Puente Hills Liquefied Natural Gas Station

Dual LNG/CNG fueling station
Low emissions

13130 Crossroads Parkway South
City of Industry, CA 91746


The Puente Hills Liquefied Natural Gas Fueling station located at the Puente Hills Material Recovery Facility (MRF) began operation in October 2005. This facility was built to provide fueling capability for vehicles and other equipment fueled by liquefied natural gas or compressed natural gas.


The Puente Hills MRF is open from 6 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Saturday and is closed on Sunday.  The facility accepts all kinds of waste for recycling and disposal, including commercial, construction/demolition, and residential wastes.


The Liquefied Natural Gas Fueling Station has two 15,000-gallon horizontal liquefied natural gas cryogenic storage tanks located inside a below grade pit containment. The facility also has two LNG dispensers rated at 30 LNG-gallons per minute, a 200 gpm LNG off-loading pump and a dedicated LNG off-loading pump skid.

The Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Station has a 3-bank high pressure (5,000 psig) CNG cascade storage vessel each capable of storing 12,200 SCF. The facility dispenses fuel at 3.5 gpm at either 3,600 or 3,000 psig.

The Station is a self service station that is open 24-hours per day.  CNG purchases are by credit card only.  LNG purchases are by pre-approval only.


Natural gas benefits the environment since it is a cleaner burning fuel relative to gasoline or diesel. This aides the Sanitation Districts in the integration of alternative fueled vehicles in its fleet for compliance with SCAQMD 1190 series Fleet Rules. Natural gas also saves the Sanitation Districts money since it is less expensive to produce costing about one dollar less per gasoline gallon equivalent.