JWPCP Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Facility


Joint Water Pollution
Control Plant (JWPCP)

JWPCP CNG Fueling Facility

  • Annual usage of 300,000 gasoline gallon equivalent units

  • Open to public

  • Used by taxis, local buses, & individuals

  • Fuels Districts’ vehicles

23924 Figueroa Street
Carson, CA 90745


The Sanitation Districts have played a significant role in reducing air emissions and developing emissions controls in our solid waste management and wastewater treatment operations. Ongoing projects include processing landfill gas into compressed natural gas (CNG) for use as an alternative fuel; converting Sanitation Districts' owned transfer trucks for use with alternative fuel; purchasing CNG vehicles, where feasible; and constructing CNG fueling facilities at various Sanitation Districts' locations.


The JWPCP CNG facility was dedicated on March 22, 2007, and provides an alternative fueling facility for local customers such as the City of Carson, Palos Verdes Peninsula Transit Authority, Yellow Cab, and the general public. It is a self service station that is open 24-hours per day. Purchases can be made by credit card only.

The CNG Fueling Facility is equipped with dual 300 scfm compressors, two dual-hose dispensers and has a storage capacity of 30,000 scf. The facility dispenses approximately 300,000 gasoline gallon equivalent units of CNG fuel (produced from imported natural gas) to local customers. The Sanitation Districts also plan to replace approximately 120 gasoline vehicles at the JWPCP with natural gas vehicles.


Natural gas benefits the environment since it is a cleaner burning fuel relative to gasoline or diesel. This aids the Sanitation Districts in the integration of alternative fueled vehicles in its fleet for compliance with South Coast Air Quality Management District 1191 Series Fleet Rules. CNG also saves the Sanitation Districts money since it costs about one dollar less per gasoline gallon equivalent.