Puente Hills Materials Recovery Facility


The Puente Hills Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) is located in unincorporated Los Angeles County. The Puente Hills MRF is located south of the intersection of the Pomona (60) and San Gabriel (605) Freeways.


  • Access to the Puente Hills MRF is through the Puente Hills Landfill entrance at 13130 Crossroads Parkway South. Follow the signs to the Puente Hills MRF.
  • The facility is open from 4:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Saturday, and is closed on Sunday and holidays.
  • The facility is operated with the intent to recover and divert recyclables and inert material.
  • Please click here for load requirements for the Puente Hills MRF.
  • Self haul/hand loads are accepted provided they obtain acceptable limits of recyclable material.

Payment at the scales must be in cash, credit card (MC, American Express, & Discover Card only), debit card, or by pre-arranged credit.  No checks are accepted. All disposal rates, excluding green waste rates, include state, county, and appropriate local fees and taxes. 


Starting October 13, 2014, all customers using the Puente Hills MRF are required to wear safety vests.  This requirement is being implemented to ensure your safety while around other customers and heavy equipment.  All customers must wear a safety vest when outside of their vehicles.  You can bring your own safety vest or you may purchase one at the scale house for a non-refundable fee of $4.50 per vest.

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