What Do I Do When I Get There?

  1. Before leaving from home or your business, make sure that anything in the load that could cause litter is covered by a tarp, because you can get a ticket from the police and the facilities have to charge an extra fee for loads that can create litter. Also make sure that you bring shovels, rakes, brooms or other tools to assist you in unloading your truck.  

  2. The Districts’ solid waste landfills, materials recovery facilities, transfer station have one or more truck scales. Some facilities have more than one truck scale. Customers are required to wait in line and wait for the green light before proceeding onto the scale. Stop on the scale, exit your vehicle and walk up to the scale house window. The worker inside will ask you for your license plate number, what type of waste you have in your load, which city the waste came from, and will tell you how much it will cost you to dump your load.

  3. Pay the fee and keep your receipt.

  4. Follow signs and traffic directors to the location where you can dump your load.

    a.  Landfills
         Disposal area are relocated periodically at landfills. Please follow posted signs and traffic directors to each
         designated disposal area for waste, pure green waste, dirt, asphalt, old appliances, tires or scrap metal.
             •  Scrap Metal – There are bins for scrap metal recycling. Customers may place scrap metal in the bins or
                 on the ground next to the bins.

    b.  Puente Hills Materials Recovery Facility
         After leaving the scale, proceed straight ahead to the one of the two roll-up doors. There is a large “X”
         painted on the pavement in front of these doors. Pull onto the “X” and the doors will automatically rise. As
         you enter the building, pull up to the STOP sign and a traffic director will direct you to the unloading area.

    c.  DART
        After leaving the scale, make two left turns to take you around the far corner of the building. After the second
        left turn you will see a large door. Drive through the door and into the building. Stop at the STOP sign and a 
        traffic director will direct you to the unloading area.

    d.  South Gate Transfer Station
         After leaving the scale, drive up the ramp to the unloading deck and traffic directors will direct you to your
         designated unloading area. If you have scrap metal, carpet, plastics, or greenwaste, ask a traffic director
         where to place these items so that they can be recycled.

  5. If you have a load of pure greenwaste, dirt or asphalt, only dump your load the area designated for that material.

  6. If you have a load of pure greenwaste, before you leave the greenwaste dumping area, make sure that the worker in the greenwaste area inspects your load and stamps your receipt. You can take your stamped receipt back to the truck scale, drive onto the scale and provide the stamped receipt to the scale worker. If the receipt is stamped, you will be given a partial refund. You will not be given a partial refund unless the receipt is stamped.

  7. When you are unloading your truck, it is very important to stay as close as possible to your vehicle. Even though you might see other people unloading things that you might want to keep, DO NOT PICK UP ANYTHING FROM ANY OTHER LOADS. With limited visibility, other customers or heavy equipment at the site could inadvertently injure or kill you. For your own safety, do not pick anything up from any other loads.