What Can I Throw Out or Recycle?

What can I bring to a landfill?  Additional information regarding acceptable waste for each facility can be obtained by clicking here.

  • Garbage

  • Lawn and garden clippings (greenwaste).  Click here for the facilities that take clean loads of greenwaste at a reduced rate.  Click here for a description of what types of greenwaste will be accepted at a reduce rate.

  • Clean dirt.  For hours of acceptance and clean dirt disposal rates, click here.  For information on disposal of contaminated dirt, click here.

  • Asphalt.  Click here for the rates for loads of only ashpalt.

  • Construction and demolition waste.

  • Old appliances (refrigerators, stoves, washers and dryers) for recycling.

What can I bring to a materials recovery facility?  Specific information regarding acceptable recyclable material for each facility can be obtained by clicking here.

  • Everything that you can bring to a landfill, you can bring to a materials recovery facility.  Discounted rates for dirt and asphalt are not available.  A discounted rate for greenwaste is only available at the DART Facility.

  • The following items can be brought to these facilities for recycling:

    • All paper (newspaper, office paper, colored paper)
    • Cardboard
    • Aluminum cans

What can I do with household hazardous waste?
Household hazardous waste is not allowed to be disposed of at any of the Sanitation Districts' facilities.  Household hazardous waste includes paint, pesticides, solvents, motor oil, etc.  Click
here for a listing of hazardous waste centers where you can take these materials.  The link also provides informaton on scheduled hazardous waste roundups that occur throughout Los Angeles County.