Solid Waste Facilities: Frequently Asked Questions

If I have any questions regarding the landfills, who can I call or email?
Solid Waste Customer Service: (562) 908-4876

Solid Waste Customer Service email address:

How much does it cost to dispose of my trash at the Sanitation Districts' Solid Waste Facilities?

For a list of Sanitation Districts' Solid Waste Facilities and their current disposal fees, click here.

What goes where – in the blue recycling bin or in the black trash bin?

Since each jurisdiction/city handles waste collection differently, you should contact the city that you reside in or your trash hauler if you are unsure about what is considered recyclable.  The city and/or trash hauler usually maintains a list of items that are and are not recyclable.  Most cities and trash haulers have their own websites and this information would most likely be located there, too.

How do I dispose of household appliances?

Many cities and trash haulers collecting for the cities offer a bulky item service that would collect and dispose of household appliances and furniture free of charge upon request.  You should contact the city that you reside in to find out if such a service is available.  You may also bring household appliances to any of the Sanitation Districts’ operated landfills or transfer stations and will be charged the "hard-to-handle/bulky item" rate at each corresponding site.

If you are a nearby resident of the Puente Hills Materials Recovery Facility (PHMRF), you are qualified for the discount Bulky Item and Waste Tire Drop Off Program at the PHMRF.  Nearby residents will receive a letter annually explaining this program.  To obtain these disposal benefits you must bring a picture ID, a copy of the letter (or other proof of address), along with your bulky item or waste tires.   Only cash will be accepted, unless you have previously registered as a credit customer with the Sanitations Districts.  Bulky item disposal is limited to 1 item per year per residence and waste tire disposal is limited to 4 tires per year per residence.

Do you provide unloading services?

The Sanitation Districts will provide "pull-off" service at an additional charge per pull.  For a pull-off, the customer provides an attachment to his load, typically a chain or rope attached to something large at the front of the load.  A dozer operator in the disposal area will connect to the attachment with a chain hook and pull.  The customer must sign a release of liability and is responsible for the load pulling-off successfully.

If I'm a first-time user of the landfill, will I need to register? 
No, you do not have to register to use any Sanitation Districts' landfill.
What are the hours of operation at the Districts' Solid Waste Facilities?

The operating hours for each Sanitation Districts' Solid Waste Facility can be found by following the link to the individual Facility's webpage.

If I need to add or remove a truck from my existing account, who do I contact?
You may call the Sanitation Districts' Solid Waste Customer Service line at (562) 908-4876, send a fax to (562) 695-9685, or via email at
How do I get a vehicle tare weight decal?
Please request decals at the scales.  Tare weights will be established by an average of a minimum of three weigh-backs.
How long does it take to process my application?

Applications submitted in-person are processed on the same day if the application, supporting materials, and fee payment are satisfactory.  Applications that are submitted by mail are generally processed and mailed within three working days of receipt; however, this time may vary, depending on the application and the number of applications that staff maybe reviewing.

Do you accept checks or credit cards?

With the exception of Southeast Resources Recovery Facility (SERRF), the methods of payment accepted at Districts' Solid Waste Facilities are cash, credit card (MC, American Express, and Discover only), debit card, or pre-arranged credit.  No checks are accepted.  At SERRF, only pre-approved and pre-registered licensed waste haulers may use the facility.  Licensed waste haulers can make arrangement for payment by calling the facility at (562) 570-1196. 

Do cash customers have to register to use Sanitation Districts' landfills?

No, customers do not have to register to use Sanitation Districts' landfills.

How do I apply for credit?
To apply for a credit account, follow the "Credit Application Instructions" and fill out all necessary forms.
Who is my city's recycling coordinator?
For a list of recycling contacts in Los Angeles County, click here.
What kind of yard waste is accepted at the landfills?
Brush, tree trimmings and grass clippings are generally accepted as green waste at the landfill.  For a complete list of green waste load requirements, click here.
Do you accept waste oil? How about old computers?

Waste oil is a household hazardous waste and old computers are electronic wastes that must be handled properly.  These materials can be taken to any of the five City of Los Angeles permanent household hazardous waste collection centers.  Alternatively, the Sanitation Districts sponsor periodic household hazardous waste, electronic waste, and sharps collection events throughout Los Angeles County.  For a list of collection dates and locations, click here.  Household hazardous waste collection events are for Los Angeles County residents only.  Hazardous waste, electronic waste, and sharps from businesses will not be accepted at these events.

Can I dispose treated lumber at the landfill?

Calabasas Landfill can accept treated lumber (in lined areas).  Customers are to call the sites for approval before bringing treated lumber to the sites.

New regulations concerning treated lumber or properly known as Treated Wood Waste (TWW) went into affect on July 1, 2007.  These regulations increased the reporting requirements by the Disposal Facilities and by any person, business, organization or agency that produce more than 5 tons of TWW in a calendar year.  For more information, go to:

When is the next household hazardous waste, e-waste & sharps roundup?
For a list of household hazardous waste, e-waste and sharps roundup dates and locations, click here.
What is clean dirt?

Clean dirt is free of refuse and debris.  If unsure, (562) 908-4288, extension 6048.

Where can one take clean dirt?

Scholl Canyon Landfill does not accept free dirt.  The landfill accepts clean dirt Monday - Saturday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM at a rate of $4.00 per ton ($30 per load minimum).

Calabasas Landfill does not accept free dirt.  The landfill accepts dirt Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM and will be charged at the Refuse Rate per ton.

Puente Hills Landfill will be undergoing closure activities for the next 12-18 months.  For a short time, the site will continue to accept clean dirt for free between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to be used in closure activities. Clean dirt be must delivered to the site in 10 wheelers or super 10s, no bottom dumps or end dumps will be accepted. For additional information on soil acceptance criteria, call the landfill directly at (562) 908-4288, extension 6030.

Can one bring in clean dirt on a rainy day?

No.  The Sanitation Districts will accept dirt three days after it has rained.

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