General - Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Sanitation Districts part of a county government?

No, the Sanitation Districts are a partnership of 24 independent special districts, governed by Boards of Directors consisting of the mayors of each city within the Districts and the Chair of the County Board of Supervisors for unincorporated areas. While the Sanitation Districts serve 5.5 million people in Los Angeles County, we are not part of County government.

How do I get to your office or facilities?

The Sanitation Districts’ Administration Office is located in unincorporated Los Angeles County, next to the City of Whittier. In addition, we have a number of wastewater and solid waste management facilities throughout our service area. Maps and locations are provided on the website.

I am interested in bidding for a construction project. How do I get a copy of the plans?
Please contact the Sanitation Districts' Engineering Counter: 
1955 Workman Mill Road
Whittier, California 90601
Monday - Thursday / 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Friday / 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
(562) 908-4288, ext. 1205
(562) 908-4251 (fax)
What do the signs mean?

If you have seen this sign, then sewage has impacted the posted location. 

If these signs are posted, then at this time, Sanitation Districts' personnel are in the process of cleaning up the sewage or performing analytical testing to confirm if the site is safe to reopen.  

If clean-up and/or sampling/monitoring are anticipated to require more than one week, additional specific information will be posted to this site.  For question or concerns about health impacts please contact the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health at (888) 700-9995 or visit their website at  If you would like additional information, please contact the email

Where does my wastewater go for treatment?

The Sanitation Districts provide wastewater treatment services to about 5.5 million residents in 78 cities and unincorporated areas in Los Angeles County. If you reside in our service area, your wastewater goes to one of our eleven wastewater treatment plants. To find out specifically which treatment facility serves your community, please contact or call (562) 908-4288, ext. 2717.

Who are the Sanitation Districts?

The Sanitation Districts provide environmentally sound, cost-effective wastewater and solid waste management. The Sanitation Districts construct, operate, and maintain facilities to collect, treat, recycle, and dispose of wastewater and industrial wastes. The agency also provides for the management of solid wastes including disposal, transfer operations, materials recovery, and energy recovery. Local jurisdictions are responsible for the collection of wastewater through local sewers and the collection of solid waste.

Who do I contact for odor complaints?

The Sanitation Districts are dedicated to eliminating odors from our facilities and work closely with the community to reach this goal. We will respond as soon as possible to any odor complaints. For contact information, click here.

Who would I contact if:
  • My trash was not picked up?
  • I need to schedule a bulky item pick-up?
  • I need trash bins?

The Sanitation Districts provide for the management of solid wastes including disposal, transfer operations, materials recovery, and energy recovery.  Local jurisdictions are responsible for the collection of solid wastes or trash. Please call your city, county or trash collection company to obtain the information you need.

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