Food Waste Recycling

The Sanitation Districts are helping our member cities meet new organic recycling requirements by accepting and recycling food waste at a wastewater treatment plant. We currently have programs with Waste Management and Insinkerator, to bring slurried food waste to our Joint Water Pollution Control Plant for co-treatment with solid material from municipal sewage.  This co-treatment recycles the food waste and has boosted biogas production at the plant resulting in more green energy.  Currently, our facility receives about 65-85 tons per day (tpd) of food waste, but we are planning to ramp up to 500 tpd to offer our cities and their haulers a cost-effective food-waste recycling program. 



Food Waste Recycling Project Wins Municipal Project of the Year Award

The Sanitation Districts and their partner, Waste Management, won the Municipal Project of the Year Award for their Food Waste Recycling project.  The American Biogas Council recognized this project for being the largest co-digestion project in the United States (65-85 tons per day) and a great example of a public-private partnership.  To read more about Waste Management's press release, click here.