You can arrange a tour of Sanitation Districts' facilities, schedule a presentation for your group or class, or request information about us. Please read below to find out more!

 Tour 2015

We invite you to take a tour of any of our facilities to see how your wastewater is cleaned or how your solid waste is managed. People from over 100 countries have toured Sanitation Districts' facilities to learn about our state-of-the-art methods for wastewater treatment and solid waste management. You can, too!

Tours are generally provided to schools, clubs, organizations, and other groups of ten or more people. We also regularly arrange tours for the general public, where we accommodate smaller groups and individuals. 
Group tours are scheduled Monday through Friday, during regular business hours. They last approximately 1-2 hours, depending on the facility you are touring. We welcome both children and adults on our tours, but we require children be at least ten years of age. 

Tour Safety Guidelines


 December 7, 2019 -

Valencia Water Reclamation Plant

 San Jose Creek Tour 2015 Landfill Tour 2015