Think Earth and Think Earth! It's Magic

Think Earth

The Sanitation Districts are a founder of the Think Earth Environmental Education Foundation, which provides free, award-winning classroom curriculum for grades pre-K through 8. Think Earth distributes grade specific kits containing 5-8 engaging lessons, colorful posters, and a video. The program is correlated to California Content Standards.

By completing the program, students learn the importance of a clean, healthy environment and what they can do to conserve natural resources, reduce waste, and minimize pollution. Students learn to "Think Earth!" For more information, please visit

Think Earth now offers environmental surveys for home and school. Go to to find two easy-to-conduct surveys you can use to lessen your environmental impact. The home survey can be conducted by family members, and the school survey can be conducted as a class project from grade 6 on up. Once survey answers are entered online, personalized recommendations are generated to show you how to better "Think Earth." The free, broad-based surveys cover air quality, energy and water conservation, and waste reduction.

Think Earth! It's Magic

Grades K-5 classes are invited to participate in Think Earth! It's Magic, a program that includes the award-winning Think Earth curriculum and free environmental magic shows for schools that register. The magic show, performed by eco-magician Paul Cash, reinforces science concepts and good environmental behaviors.

Think Earth! It's Magic is a collaboration between the Sanitation Districts, Central Basin Municipal Water District, and the Think Earth Environmental Education Foundation. To sign up for this free program, please call (323) 201-5519.