Contact Us

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 4998
Whittier, CA 90607-4998

General Telephone Numbers:

(562) 699 - 7411                         (routed through Operator)
(562) 908 - 4288 + extension        (direct dial)

Automated Information When:

  • The switchboard is busy
  • You are calling the Districts after hours
  • You dial (562) 908 - 4288

You will hear a recorded message with several options available at the press of a button.

These options are as follows:

  • Please enter the extension of the person you wish to reach or dial "0" for the Operator
  • Press 1 - Directory of Names
  • Press 2 - Information Line. Once in this option, you will hear:
    • World Wide Web Address of the Districts' homepage on the Internet
    • Address of Joint Administration Office
    • Normal Business Hours
    • Press:
      • 1 - Employment Opportunities
      • 2 - Household Hazardous Waste Updates
      • 3 - Office Engineering Bid Results Hotline
  • Press 3 - Fax On Demand Library (F.O.D.)

    Use the Districts' F.O.D. service to have various documents and applications faxed to you.

Once in the F.O.D. Library, follow the directions to order the "Index of Available Sanitation Districts' Documents." Once you receive the "Index," you will be able to use the system to FAX any of the documents to you using their distinct, four digit number.

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