Industrial Waste News

Significant Non-Compliance List for 2015 Available
March 14, 2016 

"Sewerage agencies are required by law [40 CFR Part 403.8(f)(2)(vii)] to annually publish a list of industrial users that were in significant noncompliance (SNC) during the previous 12 months. The list of companies in SNC for 2015 was published in the Los Angeles Times on February 25, 2016."

2012 Certificate of Compliance List
September 19, 2013 

List of companies that received Certificate of Recognition for 2012 on July 24, 2013. The County Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County recognized a total of 668 companies for being "good corporate citizens" for the year 2012 and included are two prior years 2011 and 2010. These companies have met their limits for wastewater discharge for the entire year, maintained their environment equipment, and fulfilled all permit requirements.

Santa Clarita Valley Sanitation District Begins Home Inspection Pilot Program for Illegal Automatic Water Softeners
October 3, 2012 

Santa Clarita, CA - The Santa Clarita Valley Sanitation District (District) is beginning a home inspection pilot program for illegal automatic water softeners. The District will focus efforts and request inspections in residences where data indicates that automatic water softeners may still exist or be in use. This program is part of the District's continuing efforts to rid the community of illegal automatic water softeners and, thus, decrease the cost to the community of complying with State mandates for chloride (salt) in the District's recycled water going to the Santa Clara River.