Solid Waste Management Department

Charles Boehmke                                Debbie Hong
Department Head                                   Administrative Secretary
(562) 908-4288, Extension 2403              Extension 2496                   

Fax: (562) 908-4254

The Solid Waste Management Department is responsible for: 

       Operations of solid waste landfills and recycling facilities

        –  For a list of solid waste and recycling facilities
click here.

•    Waste-by-Rail system
•    Energy recovery facilities and operations 
•    Household hazardous waste and e-waste collection program


Solid Waste Emergencies ~ 24-hour number
(562) 692-5581

Puente Hills Landfill Dust or Odor Complaints ~ 24-hour number
(562) 692-5628 

Customer Service
(562) 908-4876 or email:

Household Hazardous Waste and E-Waste Collection Program (HHW)
Lisa Scales, Project Engineer
(562) 908-4288, Extension 2489


Energy Recovery Engineering
Mark McDannel, Division Engineer
(562) 908-4288, Extension 2442

Solid Waste Operations and Engineering
Robert Asgian, Division Engineer
(562) 908-4288, Extension 6002